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Perfect German Shepherds

What makes a perfect German shepherd?  There are many traits that go into the perfect German shepherd.  And it all depends on what you want your German shepherd to be able to do.  As a Sacramento German shepherd breeder, we have Truckee California German shepherds for sale and Sacramento CA German shepherd puppies for sale that can do everything you want them to be able to do and probably just a little bit more.

A German Shepherd For Your Family Companion

Our dogs make the perfect family companions.  As a breeder, we have produced the classic shepherd with all the benefits that come along with that title.  To begin with, our puppies for sale are family raised.  The benefit of a hand raised dog is that it does not need to acclimate to the family environment.  It has been brought up around a family so you can expect a seamless integration into your family once this proud pooch leaves ours. 

Our dogs are big boned and healthy just like you want them.  They are also playful but non hyperactive.  We know that you want a German shepherd who will play with the family but not one who will be hyperactive and disrupt your household.  Our German shepherds are the perfect combination of playful and laid back.

A German Shepherd For Protection  

Our German shepherds are protective and can serve as guard dogs.  They can tell the difference between a perpetrator and a child.  This means that you can trust them to be fiercely protective of you when it is necessary but to remain calm and gentle the rest of the time.  For anyone who worries about safety, knowing that your German shepherd will be protective of you and your loved ones is one more way to put your mind at ease. 

A German Shepherd Show Dog

The breeding of our German shepherds is so good that they are show quality.  All of our dogs and puppies are genuine show prospects.  They are all AKC registered and could be groomed for a life on the show circuit if you wish to attempt to follow that path but they will do just as well just being the family dog.  

If you are looking for a Truckee CA German shepherd puppy for sale then get the perfect German shepherd.  The perfect German shepherd will find its way into your heart and into your home with a little help from us.  You deserve the perfect German shepherd

Nevada City
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ph: 530-575-1233