Welcome to Perfect German Shepherds

I’ve bred the classic German shepherd for years. Retaining the calm and gentle nature that has made them the most popular dog in the world! Not hyper-active like so many plaguing the breed today! Our dogs are intelligent, loyal, protective, large and beautiful. We breed champion lines with a 20 year history of excellent health and are guaranteed for health and hips. My dogs are personal pets and are NOT kenneled. They run free with family and children on our 10 acres in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

From a distance, you may think that all German Shepherds are the same. However, experts will confirm that the bloodlines of these masterful dogs along with the environment they are raised in makes all the difference. That is why the Perfect German shepherd dogs and puppies we have for sale are simply superior. I breed a classic German Shepherd that is calm & gentle.

The German shepherd is a caretaker; they lie down and watch the perimeter. They are one of the most intelligent dogs in the world with an I.Q. of an average 12 year old human! Hyperactivity only confuses the poor animal, causing them anxiety and stress. This could bring about severe health issues from cancer to torsion and many more. It also diminishes every quality that the German Shepard has. Their calm and gentle nature is critical, not only to keep them healthy, but to allow them to distinguish between a perpetrator and a child.

If live anywhere near Nevada City or Sacramento, California, and are interested in our German shepherd puppies, please call 530-575-1233 anytime, we prefer to speak with you in person.