Available Puppies

The Perfect Comfort Dog and Companion

Are you looking for a puppy that will grow into a lifelong friendship? My classic German shepherd puppies are the perfect addition to any home that is looking to add another family member. All of my puppies are bred by strict AKC guidelines and are all AKC registered. Let me provide your family with a member of mine. German shepherds have been known to have an IQ that is comparable to that of a 12 year old human being,

Breeding German shepherds is not just my business it’s my passion. I go above and beyond AKC breeding guidelines to ensure that I produce the highest quality German shepherd puppies and do my part to eliminate genetic defects and behavioral problems. Being one of the most sought after breeds in the United States, German shepherd breeding has attracted many amateurs and puppy mills that try to make breeding a business with no pride. If you are looking for a quality, loyal, faithful and hand raised German shepherd that will make a lifetime of memories with you. My German shepherds will love you unconditionally, always loyal and never talk back.

German shepherds are one of the most versatile dogs and can adapt to almost any household scenario. They are the most loyal, loving, faithful, protective, gentle natured dogs that strive to please their masters and fit seamless into their household role. No matter what trait you are looking for in a dog, you can rest assured that my German shepherd puppies have it.

I pride myself on producing show quality puppies that also make for the ultimate pet. Let me grace your home with a German shepherd puppy that will steal your heart and complete your family unit. You will find no better than one of my family raised German Shepherds.

If you live in the Northern California area, call 530-575-1233 for info on our upcoming litters!