Perfect German Shepherds breeds classic German Shepherds for sale with beautiful physical attributes and adoring personalities. The gallery shows a few of Perfect German Shepherd’s amazing dogs in their homes, as family dogs, protection dogs, show dogs and more. We are experienced breeders of an exceptional dog breed, and we are proud to share our puppies with your family.

German Shepherds are beautiful, loyal and affectionate dogs that complete almost any family. Their high intelligence and athleticism makes them valuable working dogs and protection dogs as well as family dogs that keep up with your family and keep you safe. The gallery shows just a few of Perfect German Shepherd’s hand-raised dogs in their homes, playing, cuddling, adventuring, showing, working and growing up.

See our German Shepherd puppies and adults in the gallery enjoying time with their families. If you live in the Northern California area and would like more information on adding a Perfect German Shepherd to your family, or getting a protection dog, therapy dog or service dog, contact us today.