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Perfect German Shepherd Puppies

As your Lake Tahoe German Shepherd Breeder we strive to provide you with the best German shepherds around.  This is why we call our dogs perfect German Shepherds.  Whether you are looking for Reno Nevada German Shepherds For Sale or Lake Tahoe CA German Shepherd Puppies For Sale, we can show you the dogs and puppies that you need.   

German Shepherd Puppies

If you have ever had a German shepherd as a puppy then you know the boundless joy that these animals can bring.  Their youth and playfulness bring joy to children and can bring out the childlike innocence in you.  Their endless affection reminds you of just how easily these young pups hand out unconditional love.  

Our every Reno NV German shepherd puppy for sale has been brought up with all the personal attention it could want which leads to its proper social skills.  Our puppies are ready to interact with people and families because they have been family raised and socialized to do just that.  You do not need to worry about helping out German shepherd puppies to adjust to being around people.  You only have to welcome them into your family with open arms.

Characteristics Of Our German Shepherds

Our perfect German shepherds have all the qualities you could ask for in a dog.  They are big boned, protective, and playful.  This makes them the perfect marriage of the friendly canine companion that you are seeking for your family and the loyal protector that can help to keep you and your family safe from harm.  You do not need to worry that our dogs will be overly anxious or aggressive like some dogs.  

We are a breeder that produces the classic shepherd.  Because of this our German shepherds are calm, gentle, and non hyperactive. Each hand raised dog is healthy too which is always a concern when you are looking for a dog.  Lucky for you, our perfect German shepherds are known for being healthy animals.  Our dogs have such good breeding that they are show quality dogs and are truly viable show prospects.  

All the German shepherds that we have for sale are AKC registered and are the perfect German shepherds.  Whether you want German shepherd puppies or dogs, we have them for you.  All you have to do is take a look around our website to see what we have to offer.  The perfect German shepherds are the perfect pets for you.

Nevada City, CA 95959
ph: 530-575-1233